Tuesday, October 11, 2011


What I want say is a story happened when I was a 6 years old. It really made into a risky situation.

My father sent me to my primary as usual. It was Friday I can remember, It means I would hug the stunning weekend after that day’s class. When we reached my school, I was really excited about the coming weekends. I went to our classroom after I said goodbye to my father. Suddenly, a “good ” idea came to my mind. “Why don’t come back home now, I will have 3-day weekend” I told my self. I am a (( guy since I was a baby. So I just went back to my home with my fuzzy memory. Unfortunately, I could not find my way, I got totally lost. I even did not know the way back to my school. I could not see around me clear, I cried. I should not absent my class without telling teacher. Mybe I would never see my parents any more, I thought. But I saw a familiar face passing by. It was the old woman that living next to my house. I ran to her, and told the mistake I took, asked her to take me home. She took me bake to her house, and cooked lunch for me. It was a good Friday until my parents came to her house and brought me back. My parents blamed me hardly. And I noticed that I had took a big risk. Finally, I promised my parents never absent class again.

With this incident, I understand that student should not absent class without asking teacher and parents. And young people should remember the way back to their home.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Assignment #4 Risky job

I think fisherman is really a resky job. Can you imagine you have to grab the net filled with fish on a shaking ship that you could not even stand in? But a fisherman has to face this and handle this pretty well. It will be very dangerous if the ship hit on the big stone, that is hard to see on the see. If people get vervous when the ship was broken, that will be very dangerous, because people have to make sure they could breathe until other ships come to rescue them. In this part, fisherman was really a hard job. But most of the fishermen could swim, and even could fix the ship. They treated a storm just as a rainy day, not as a big danger. They often went fishing in the storm, because it is the best time to get more fish in some areas. In my opinion, fisherman is the risky job that people don't know.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


There are so many aspects to show person is successful. To my opinion, success means getting along with family members and having a happy life. First, nobody could be successful without family. No matter what happened to you, families support you all the time. If there is a person even could not get along with his family, what jobs could he take, what friend will stay with him? Family is really a big thing. Personally, a person like his family and get along with his family members it means this people is successful. Second, I think a successful people should have a happy life. Some times people become the slaves of money, them just make money for more money, instead, they forget to enjoy their lives. People should pay attention to their own lives, money could never buy a enrich life! So, nobody could say a person who get along with family members or have a happy life is not successful!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


The topic of the VOA which I heard is “Traning Fishermen to Become Fish Farmers”. The URL is http://www.voanews.com/learningenglish/home/education/Training-Fishermen-to-Become-Fish-Farmers-129845313.html. This article is about the new academy of fish is training fishermen to become fish farmers. And the directors think this is a new way to protect environment and make students more skillful for their future. But student totally thinks the another way, they don’t want to be the fish farmers their hole life, it is not a very glory job.

To my opinion, the academy is caring about students’ careers, but on the other hand, students always follow teachers and schools, the following make students could not make their own decisions clearly. It is good idea goes bad way. So this VOA let me know if people want to be successful and happy, he must know what he want and what to do next. Don’t let anyone confuse your eyesight.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I am sorry for writing this presentation lately. It’s about one mouth that I’ve been the USA. I was a little nervous when I first attend to the CESL class of the SIUC, but generally, I found everyone here is amiable and helpful and I found I’d like to study English with my classmates. Of course, the teachers here are really really kind. Most of time we speak English in strange ways, the CESL teachers are improving their listening skills with us at the same time.

I think I should learn the English harder, I really don’t want let my parents and friends down. Fighting!